Editor-Approved Work Bags That Are Big Enough to Fit Your Laptop
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Editor-Approved Work Bags That Are Big Enough to Fit Your Laptop

And won't break your shoulders.

Our work bags are starting to see the light of day after being cast aside for the past couple years. A perfect work bag is practical and fashionable, carrying everything we need to and from the office. Depending on your profession and hours, you may need enough room for more than the usual wallet, keys, and notebook. Think: your lunch, extra gym clothes for a post-work gym session, your laptop, and any extra tech you may need for the day. Plus, for the everyday commuter, comfort is an absolute must. We’re not starting the work day with sore shoulders. Ahead, Coveteur staffers share the bags they keep in rotation on the days they commute to the office.

Claire Flanagan, Associate Producer

Mica Tote

This simple tote has enough room for me to bring everything for the office and then some. The canvas material is super durable and the high-placed interior pockets are so convenient for grabbing my wallet, keys, and hand sanitizer on the go.


The Weekender

As a producer, I often have to travel for shoots, staying for only a night before heading straight from set to the airport. This bag is absolutely perfect for that—it fits everything I need without being too bulky. Plus, I love the zippered base for shoes and toiletries and the laptop sleeve ensures I can work from wherever. The best part? It easily fits under the seat as a carry-on I can keep with me the whole flight.


Pillow Talk Tote

This bag has been my summer go-to. It fits it all while adding a fun seasonal pop to my outfit!

Betsey Johnson

Samantha Wu, Marketing Coordinator

Neoprene Backpack

For my fellow commuters, this backpack is perfect for all of your workday needs. Plus, it has all the pockets you could want for your work and weekend essentials. It even has a strap that hooks onto your suitcase!

Dagne and Dover

ReNew Transit Backpack

I’ve used the same Everlane backpack since high school—they are extremely durable and lightweight. This backpack is functional and perfect for traveling to work or vacation!


Reusable Cotton Tote Bag

I love a good tote bag. If you’re a bag lady, like me, and carry three-plus bags to work even though you have a backpack, this is a great addition! Perfect to carry an extra pair of shoes, a change of clothes, or makeup, a reusable tote bag is something I always reach for.

Public Goods

Leigh Weiss, Affiliate Coordinator

Polo ID Calfskin Shoulder Bag

This chic bag is the perfect addition when running from the office to meetings to dinner with friends. It's large enough to fit the essentials and no one would know you’re coming from the office!

Polo Ralph Lauren

Medium Metro Quilted Nylon Tote Deluxe

When commuting to work, I'm all about shoulder comfort. MZ Wallace makes functional, cute, and comfortable bags that can fit all of your go-to office essentials.

MZ Wallace

Medium Cabas Phantom

I've been eyeing this tote for years—it's professional and classic yet practical and subtle.


Katie Mok, Editorial Production Fellow

Kitt Large Tote

I love this nylon material for a tote—it's sturdy and looks so stylish. It's the perfect daily work bag.

Kate Spade

Horizontal Duck Bag

This is my no-frills tote bag that I can basically use for any outing, including work. I like the brown cow print for an eye-catching moment that adds a bit of fun to my work day.


The Backpack

Sometimes one shoulder isn’t strong enough, hence the backpack. Without a doubt, if I could, I'd use a backpack for every single situation. With multiple pockets scattered around, this minimalist, chic backpack fits my 13-inch laptop, charger, water bottle, a snack, and keys without digging into my shoulders. What more can I ask for?

Day Owl
$149 $109
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